FLUMPET by David G. Monette
Corporation. A hybrid; Flugel horn &
Trumpet. Features a
sound. Originally manufactured for the
Art Farmer. (Tracks #1, 4 & 5)
FLUGELHORN by Zigmant Kanstul
Musical Instruments. Arturo Sandoval,
Greg Adams, Jerry Hey, are just a few
of the names who put this particular
flugel on the map. It's thick "Copper
Wall" bell make this a favorite of
(track #2) performers.
Warmth, intimacy; an instrument that
soothes the soul.
New Years eve in Seattle
with Doc!

Mt Vernon Bach Stradivarius
Trumpet. Made in the mid-1950's. Lew Soloff
Blood Sweat & Tears made this ax famous
to my generation. Track 6 "
Funky Sea Funky
" features this magical instrument.
Left to right:

Lynn, Jim, Doc (The Master),
Brad,  & Marco!

A special thanks to Bernadette
Doc showing off  Marco's
celebratory gifts.
DESTINO Trumpet was owned &
by Doc Severinsen and
Manufactured by Doc Severinsen
Custom Trumpets. Finished in 24
Karat Gold,
it is the best Trumpet I
have ever Blown!
(Tracks #3, 7 & 8)
Yes, even Doc Severinsen can be seen
proudly displaying his personal copy of
Brad's "
Straight To The Heart" CD.

Left to right: Gabriel Braendlein, 70's
trombonist Jim "Wild-Man" Kelley, Jordan
Braendlein, &  The Master...
Doc Severinsen
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BeBe Bardot
Rest in Peace my Friend


Marco R. Sarmiento
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Doc's Horn designer  Byron Autry & I
working for Doc Severinsen Custom
Trumpets in Feb. 2005