Lord Bennett's Restaurant is owned and
operated by
Rich Iverson..Located in
the sea-side community of

Lord Bennett's has been the home of   
Bebe "Big Hair" Bardot
shows for nearly 20 years, and home to the
BeBe & The Bugle Boy
shows since 1999.
Rich recently renamed/re-signed the Lounge
in Beeb's honor
BeBe "Big Hair" Bardot
The Home of ZZ PURPLE
The Home of ZZ PURPLE
The Home of ZZ PURPLE
Bardot always had time for his fans
A "Hallway"person took this image
April 9th, 2010 @ Bardot's final
Farewell Concert. Standing room
only in back & hallway. His fans,
friends, the staff's of both
Lord Bennett's & Sunset Lodging
treated him like a King..one final
BeBe Bardot passed away  the
following week April 17th, 2010.
Bardot pictured with fan and fellow guitarist
Guy Koplitz..A.K.A. "The
Ambush Guy"
Home of the "Girls Night Out"singing the Beatles
"Twist & Shout"
Diane Irvin sent her treasured copy of his
personalized autograph.
He used to say that
if you used it as a Parakeet cage liner, it  
was guaranteed to keep your bird "
Need we say more?
Taken from behind the bar in what
is now the ......
B.B. Bardot