"The Chicken Ranch"
The Road House of Romance
A Message from the
Bugle Boy
June 8th 2013

I wish to thank the Estate of BeBe
Bardot,  for supporting

Diane Irvin's
"Official BeBe Bardot Website"

Rich Iverson for the
BeBe Bardot Lounge

"And This BeBe Bardot
Tribute Site".

We are dedicated to remembering
our dear friend by presenting his

, his humor, and his

To the family of my friend
Marco R. Sarmiento,
Thank you for including me as a
brother, I am honored.

RIP Marco Sarmiento 1957-2011

BeBe & Marco

Welcome to the great

"Chicken Ranch"

in the sky my friends. I'm right
behind you!


The Bugle Boy