Roger & Brad taking self-portrait
on Plane to ITG Conference
Brad with Penn ST./Peabody
Conservatory TRP Professor
Langston Fitzgerald III.
Pictured with ITG President
Kevin Eisensmith.
Brad owns #012 & Dr. Hickman has
#013 Doc Severinsen B-Flat Trumpets.
Co-worker and buddy Roger with
esteemed Jazz Trumpeters Ramon
Vasquez and  Kelly Rossum.
Brad with 2015 Grammy
Nominee Eric Berlin.
Brad & Dr. James
Sherry, Festival of
Trumpets Coodinator
The Trebles again. Brad & Roger
crashing every party in Bangkok.
Amy is Eddy's daughter. A
spectacular vocalist studying
under Eddy's wife Madee.
Birthday girl Amy in the middle next
to Brad (who is in heaven). What did
I say about party-crashing?
While in the Air Force, Eddy's father studied
music orchestration under Professor
, who is credited with composing
Thai National Anthem.
Max, Luck, Roger & Brad
enjoy the view!
Brad & Roger partying with the girls,
again, and again...etc.
Posing with Trumpet Master
Dr. David Hickman.
Updated August 4th 2005
Great Thai Pianist Eddy poses
with Brad, both are Joe Sample
Eddy, Madee, Brad, Amy, Roger & Odd. One
of Thailand's premier Vocal combo's has two
new fans; us of course!
Performing in The Festival Of Trumpets with
Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra's
Sompop Puengpreeda
That you? >>>>>>