Brad Braendlein
First I would like to thank BeBe Bardot (A.K.A the Torturer of Tourists), who
helped put a lost and forgotten performing career back on track. Your valuable
insights, the Hollywood years, lesson's contained in the infamous "
shoe box", and
the Lord Bennett's gig have all played a critical role in the shape and content of
these recordings.
(Fathers Love..Straight To The Heart...African Skies)

To BeBe Bardot and Rich Iverson (Lord Bennett's Restaurant). The toast of
, Oregon. First class entertainment within a first class restaurant &
. I hope the torturous times weren't too painful, if so, too late now!

I must also thank the Humanities Department  at Columbia Basin Community
College (located in Pasco, WA) for taking a chance on an old washed up horn
player, providing a music education while combining it with impeccable and
unfailing belief in me as a
person, a musician and a trumpeter. I especially wish
to acknowledge
Randy Hubbs, the man who took on the painful task of teaching
me how to play trumpet all over again (at the age of 42).

Dad, I am proud to be your son. Your love for trumpeting may only be
surpassed by my love of playing that awfully fickle and unforgiving instrument.
You, your financial support, your ultimate belief in me is the only reason I am a
musician once more. I only wish you could hear and enjoy it now.

Mom, “thanks for the trumpet lessons” will go down as the under statement of
my life. To practice endless hours each day for so many years, and not recall
you ever complaining, discouraging. In fact, not even a single “plugging of the
ears”. Most impressive, most amazing, and so profoundly insightful. I can only
hope the musical performances delight your "
heart" as they do mine.

Doc Severinsen, thank you for your time, and many thanks to you and Byron
for the magnificent “Destino” trumpet.  Your horn holds a very special
near & dear to my heart. It has been 29 years since I have been able to say
“I love playing the trumpet”.

I especially wish to thank The
International Trumpet Guild. Attending the 2004,
2005,  2007 & 2010  ITG Conferences made the difference. To spend 5 days
shoulder to shoulder with the greatest trumpeters on earth gave me the belief in
myself that I too am worthy of pursuing musical excellence as a true blue
trumpeter. Trumpeters helping trumpeters, what a great gig!

Finally, as of 2012...I have officially retired as a Trumpeter. Over the
course of 18 months all three CD's were recorded (2005-2006), All Three
dedicated to my 3 sons (One especially for my father). Having worked for
my childhood hero for a day proved to be the ultimate lifetime
achievement. Another generation of trumpeters are now carrying the
torch, I am proud to have been a part of that. Thanks to all of you who
were there during my Trumpeting years.


Brad Braendlein (Click_email)

A.K.A. The Bugle Boy
Posted 2005
Edited 2016
Bethel HS Jazz Band1976

Playing "Hanks Opener"

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"Hanks Opener" featuring:
Chris Godwin or Terry St. Clair Tenor sax SOLO
Brad Braendlein on Trumpet SOLO
Tim Stead on"Screech" Trombone SOLO
Greg Yager on Drums & Extended SOLO
Bob Johnson on SOLO Trombone @songs end
Ray Kope on Guitar
Gary Hollis on Piano
Dave Dorfner on Bass