Dedicated to my sons; Austin, Jordan
& Gabriel Braendlein
Also dedicated to my Grandchildren
Ava, Holly, Archie &
"A Grandfather's Love"

1.        Get Used To It                By BeBe Bardot

2.        Limited Edition                By BeBe Bardot

3.        The Fishing Song           By BeBe Bardot

4.        Hit The Road Jack          By Ray Charles

5.        Gabes Groove #1           By Brad Braendlein & BeBe Bardot

6.        Gabes Groove #2           By Brad Braendlein & BeBe Bardot

7.        Play-a-Long Version       By Brad Braendlein & BeBe Bardot
This project evolved out of the BeBe & the
Bugle Boy shows since November 2003.

BeBe's lyrics and singing play a role as my
alter-ego. My spokes-person to those I love

BeBe Bardot has managed to redirect the
profound and brilliant Fresco. Truly a work of
, a work of love, A timeless treasure
encased in these musical performances.

Austin, Jordan and Gabriel; Love is always
the answer...always!

Gabe & Jordan you are truly a young GOD's!

With Love,